Xenosys LOOKSCAM 2 HD Camera

Xenosys LOOKSCAM 2 Wireless HD Camera System

Product Details

Xenosys LOOKSCAM 2 Wireless HD Camera System offers fully portable, 1080p HD wireless recording in the O.R. Record your procedures in full HD, while also optionally broadcasting within the O.R. via WiFi. Comfortable and light, can be worn with the included headband, or on surgeons loupes if preferred. Integrated headlight is included with the LOOKSCAM 2 for an unbeatable combination.

  • Record from viewpoint of surgeon - invaluable for training
  • Integrated headlight for bright, clear, and even lighting
  • Light and comfortable and easy to wear
  • 1080p HD recording on MicroSD card
  • Up to 4 hours 30 minutes recording per battery (2 batteries included)
  • 8 hours+ recording per battery with optional XPS30W supplemental battery
  • Remote Control for ease of use in O.R.